Sunglasses: Does Lens Color Matter?

The answer is….yes!  While many people choose sunglasses based on fashion and style taste, it’s important to remember that they should be equally functional. Did you know that different lens colors actually serve different purposes? Depending on your lifestyle and visual needs, choosing the right lens color could help improve your performance across various sports and activities.


To help assure you get the most out of your sunglasses, here are the 4 most popular colors for sun lenses and the lighting conditions they’re best for:

1.  Gray: If you plan on spending a lot of time out in the sun this summer, a gray tint is what you’ll need. Grey is the darkest lens shade, which results in more of the blazing sun’s rays being cut.

2. Brown: Having an evening shade isn’t a bad idea. If you often find yourself outside after the sun is on its way down, a brown shade could be a good option because they block rays while improving contrast.
3. Green: Green shades are popular with golfers because they keep colors very close to true. However, despite this tint being lighter than gray or brown, it still improves contrast and blocks UV rays.

4. Amber/Yellow: Not all summer days are sunny. For those overcast or rainy days, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of amber or yellow lenses. These do a great job of increasing contrast while brightening things up, and are a fantastic choice for driving.

Depending on your lifestyle one pair of sunglasses might not work for every situation. It’s important to consider your options, as well as other lens attributes like polarization and mirror coatings.

Don’t spend your summer squinting in all of your photos. Visit 3939 Montrose Blvd today so we can help you find the perfect pair of lenses to fit your needs. depending on lifestyle, one pair may not work for everything.

Photo credit: 14zawa / Foter / CC BY

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