Sunglasses Tips for Summer Music Festivals

It’s finally music festival season in Houston! If you’re planning to get your Rock N’ Roll on this summer, don’t forget your shades at home.


Still need to pick up a new pair for 2015? We have some tips:

– You know how not wearing enough sunscreen can hurt your skin? Well not wearing UV blocking sunglasses can hurt your eyes! That’s why when you’re searing for your next pair of shades you should look for the little UV sticker. In order to make sure your eyes are getting enough protection your sunglasses should block more than 90% of all UV A and UV B light.

– Make sure your shades are Polarized! It’s not only important to block out UV light, but also to reduce blinding glares caused by the sun reflecting off certain surfaces (like an electric guitar).

– Leave your large sunglasses at home! Unless you want to end up with one wicked tan line. Even if you’re using copious amounts of sunscreen, wearing large shades at the peak of the day can lead to an uneven tan that could be hard to get rid of the rest of the summer.

So dig up your favorite festival outfit and put on your best new shades. This summer is going to rock!


Photo credit: theboseographer / Foter / CC BY-ND