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Eye Elegance is proud to announce that we carry the incredibly fashionable and affordable NW77TH eyewear. When it comes to looking good, you can't beat the styles NW77TH offers.

The eyewear company that creates NW77TH was found in 1879 and has been a family-run company for five generations. The company, Erker's Fine Eyewear, that also owns Studio Optyx, realized that younger generations loved their eyewear but couldn't afford the premium prices. So, NW77TH eyewear was born to give both exceptional quality and affordable prices with today's new looks.

But don't think that lower prices mean lower quality! The eyewear factories are in the US, Japan, and South Korea, and are manufactured to very precise standards. Their metal frames are made from surgical steel that are folded many times, just like Japanese samurai swords. The metal is the strongest and most durable metal available anywhere. High-tech, 3-D printers create their stylish plastic frames with custom colors found nowhere else but in NW77TH eyewear. The 3-D printers use the incredibly high quality Italian and Japanese acetate, which is the strongest and most durable acetates available. When you buy NW77TH eyewear, you know you have the highest quality eyewear that will last for a long time.

Our selection of NW77TH eyewear includes anything but the same ho-hum colors and looks. Our styles include Blind Pig, Tiny Socks, Sofa, Recliner, and Argyle Socks with at least three or more colors to choose from. Looking for a new twist on the tortoiseshell eyewear? Check out Sofa Tort, Recliner Tort, Tiny Socks Tortoise, and Argyle Socks Green Tortoise. Looking to make a bold statement? Check out Blind Pig Col 4, Sofa Red, and Recliner Red. You can't go wrong with any of NW77TH's styles and colors.

We at Eye Elegance are proud to carry NW77TH beautiful and durable eyewear. Come by and see for yourself how affordable beauty can be.