With unique fashion collections, it is quite common for people in and out of the industry to wonder where the creative spark came from. This applies to the genius behind L.A. Eyeworks Glasses when the partners met in high school. As the friendship developed, they discovered that they both shared a love of eyewear.

After high school, they spent 10 years working in the optical business in some of the finest optical shops where they learned from highly successful craftsman.

Their love of the industry grew and they reached the point where they jointly decided to open their own store. It’s not surprising that it was a store unlike any other with a revolutionary gallery-style design. Things took shape and In 1979, this magnificent new store opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

The partners ran into a major challenge when they were not able to find the type of eyewear they wanted. Their inspiration for product design is based on a desire to celebrate facial diversity and individual uniqueness. None of the products they reviewed met their objectives. Their efforts seemed to be in vain, so they found the courage to design the entire line themselves.

The partners created hundreds of unique designs until they captured their design essence. Today, the L.A.. Eyeworks collection has a reputation for modern diverse frames filled with personality.

The Eyeworks Great Face black and white ad campaign featuring almost 200 famous faces including Andy Warhol, Heidi Fleiss, and Jodie Foster to John Lee Hooker helped create a global brand. And, the State of Illinois copied the ads for a national campaign reading “A State is Like a Work of Art.” What a tribute!

At Houston Designer Eyewear, our entire team is thrilled that we will feature this amazing line that started with two young high school girls. We invite you to stop by for a visit at one of our Houston locations so you can explore the L.A. Eyeworks Frames in person.

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