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Robert Marc

The trend setting line of Robert Marc Eyewear can best be described as a Fashion Forward Men's Collection that features a Sophisticated Brand of Handmade Frames. Robert Marc Glasses and Robert Marc Sunglasses are carefully designed for the discerning man who is looking for Understated Elegance, Uncompromising Quality, Functionality, and Style.

Whether you're in the market for a handsome pair of Robert Marc Eyewear prescription glasses, sunglasses, or both, your eye exam is equally as important for the health of your eyes. One of the many things that we check during a comprehensive eye exam is the inner ocular eye pressure (IOP) for any signs of ocular hypertension. If the eye pressure is elevated above the normal range of 10-21 mm Hg., certain treatments and tests such as a visual field may be necessary.

We encourage our customers to come in for a comprehensive eye exam. The reasons are simple, your prescription may have changed. Additionally, if it has been determined that your ocular pressure is on the high side, an examination is extremely important. When an ocular hypertensive condition is left untreated, it can cause permanent vision loss and sight-threatening glaucoma.

The test is not invasive and It's simply not worth taking the chance that something might be happening with your vision.

<strong>Our Highly Trained Consultants </strong>

Another reason for visiting the shop is to take advantage of the help and information provided by our highly trained consultants. One important example for your consideration is that our consultants can help to correctly identify the shape of your face. You may wonder why this is important. Simply put, Robert Marc Eyewear designs should compliment your facial shape.

Everyone's face is unique, and this will have an impact on how the glasses fit and how they look. Our consultants are trained to identify the shape your face most closely resembles. The basic shapes include the most common facial shapes such as oval, square, heart, and round faces.

Our clients find it extremely helpful to have an objective opinion from consultants who take pride in their work.