Prior to the ’80s, the Matsuda Legacy was in its infancy as the legendary Japanese fashion designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, was skillfully designing and creating the Matsuda Eyewear line.

Matsuda had established a reputation as an extraordinarily talented and trendsetting Japanese designer known for his unique interpretations of sportswear and his use of fashion-forward fabrics. As the Matsuda Eyewear collection expanded with the addition of innovative Matsuda Sunglasses and an array of cutting edge Matsuda Glasses during the ’80s and ’90s, the line became the “must-have” accessory for both men and women.

This chic eyewear collection became known for its attention to detail, precise Japanese engineering, handcrafted techniques, and artsy style. Matsuda used his keen sense of design to include metals such as titanium for added impact and interest. In the 1991 blockbuster movie “Terminator 2,” the T2 Matsudas (also referred to as the “Sarah Connor Sunglasses” became a permanent pop culture icon. As a result of the fashion brand’s appearance in “Terminator 2,” the line became even more popular with celebrities and fashionistas who appreciate the beauty and style of luxury eyewear.

Word travels very quickly in the celebrity world, and it comes as no surprise that in 1998, Shawn Puffy Combs mentioned Matsuda during one of his rap videos. This added publicity by Combs and the brand’s growing success was a motivating factor for store owners and managers to carry Matsuda eyewear and Matsuda sunglasses.

Eye Elegance, is known as Houston’s premiere optical boutique for handmade independent eyewear from around the globe. Our boutique is a perfect place to relax and discover the incredible selection of extraordinary, and truly one-of-a-kind collection of Matsuda glasses and sunglasses.

Our diverse team of highly trained optical stylists specialize in helping you find the right frames and lenses that will meet your visual and lifestyle needs. They also analyze your skin tone and facial shape so that your choice of frames reflect your personality.

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