4 Things Our Sale Frames Can Help You With…

Everybody loves new eyewear, but we know everyone loves new sale eyewear even more!

Lucky for you, right now at Eye Elegance we have some fabulous pieces of eyewear on sale just for you. But what else is in it for you?


1. You can finally get those prescription or non-prescription sunglasses you know you need! Wearing sunglasses helps to reduce your risk of developing cataractsmacular degeneration and other serious eye health conditions down the road.

2. It’s the perfect way to add some variety to your eyewear wardrobe. Wearing the same pair of glasses everyday is boring (and nobody likes boring). Switch it up a little with a blue or pink frame from Lafont.

Lafont Paris

3. Prevent wrinkles. Wearing an old prescription can leave you squinting to see clearer. But did you know squinting can increase the wrinkles around your eyes? Updating your glasses now will be less expensive than botox later, especially when you find a pair on sale!

4. Treat yourself… without breaking the bank! Add some David Yurman to your nightstand without feeling guilty. Nobody has to know you found them on sale either!
David Yurman EyewearNOW is the perfect time to stop by to pick up men’s, women’s and children’s sale eyewear from both of these fabulous collections (Lafont & David Yurman).

Come see for yourself at 3939 Montrose Blvd.