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Kazuo Kawasaki

If you're looking for eyewear created by an award-winning designer with a flair for coming up with one-of-a-kind contemporary yet classic rimless eyeglasses, your search is over. It ends at Eyeglass Elegance, the Houston purveyor of independent creative eyewear. And you're just in time, both their Post Oak and their Montrose locations just got in the latest collection of Kazuo Kawasaki glasses.

About Kazuo Kawasaki, the Man

Kazuo Kawasaki is an industrial designer with an artist's mind. As such he delves into his artistic mind for creative touches, and his mathematical alter ego for precise proportions. What he comes up with are rimless glasses with a look of sophistication and distinction for individuals known for their distinctive sophisticated look.

About Kazuo Kawasaki Eyewear

Every pair of Kazuo Kawasaki glasses is the product of simple yet highly effective technology, from its three-point tension-mounted screwless frame to its lightweight beta titanium construction. What this type of sans screws, anti-tension design means is that Kawasaki rimless glasses never succumb to the annoying problem of locked screws brought on by the wear and tear of everyday use like glasses that use screws to secure their lenses suffer. Impeccably crafted and available in a variety of lens shapes and temple piece colors, all Kazuo Kawasaki eyewear is made exclusively in Japan.

Far be it for us to name names, but we will tell you that the colorful fun Kazuo Kawasaki 704 Deco, known for distinctively patterned temple pieces is responsible for the signature look of a former Vice Presidential candidate; and that neither a late night television show host nor a former Secretary of State / former National Security Advisor / retired four-star general has been seen for years without their classically appealing no-nonsense rimless Kazuo Kawasaki 631 glasses.

Houston's Eye Elegance

Choosing a pair of Kawasaki rimless eyeglasses is never easy. But you're in luck If you live in Houston or the surrounding area. No matter which Eye Elegance optical Boutique you visit, you'll find a friendly knowledgeable staff ready to help you select the pair that best suits your unique style and one-of-a-kind personality.