When you select a pair of Eyebobs Glasses, you’re stepping into a different dimension. In the words of the avant garde eyeglass design company, you’re irreverent and slightly jaded. You make your own rules when it comes to style. You shop boldly. Once upon a time you hid behind contact lenses, but now you’re ready to flaunt your eyewear, make it a part of your fashion fingerprint. Come on, admit it – you want to be noticed.

How Eyebobs Came to Be

If this describes you, Eyebobs founder and president June Allinson feels your spirit. When she discovered that she needed reading glasses, there was nothing like Eyebobs readers on the market. Frames that did appeal to her carefully curated style bore a price tag more likely to be hanging from a designer dress than on a pair of glasses she’d likely misplace a thousand times a day. The frames she did find in her price range just didn’t speak to her. There was only one thing to do, she came up with a pair that would suit her irreverent and slightly jaded personality. Then she went on to create a whole line of high quality, distinctive eyewear for kindred souls, Free spirits like you who aren’t at all afraid to be who they are.

Eye-popping Eyebobs Frames

Men and women alike choose Eyebobs for their style, yes – but more importantly for the fine craftsmanship that goes into each pair of Eyebobs sunglasses, prescription glasses, and readers. Each pair is made by hand and fitted with flexible spring hinges that stand up to the stresses of everyday life. But back to the styles!….

If you’re a wire lens fan, Eyebobs may not be the company for you. Whoa, but wait, take a look at their Teddy sunglasses. John Lennon would have loved those babies – silver-framed with light blue lenses! If you’re in the market for a higher profile pair of specs, state your preference. Tortoise Shell, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Clear? Oval, Square, Rectangle, Round, Cat-Eye? Buttoned up, Conservative, Funky, Fashion-forward? Yes, Eyebobs has a pair just for you – as long as you’re willing to standout in the crowd.

And if you’re in the Houston area, Eye Elegance is the place to find Eyebobs. Whether you stop in at the Montrose or Post Oak eye boutique, their knowledgeable and discrete staff will listen to your wants and needs, then point you in the right direction.

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888 Westheimer Rd.,
Suite 150 Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 713-622-4411
Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Post Oak

1703 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056

Phone: 713-322-5541
Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.