Since it’s always good to start with a bit of humor, we’ll go ahead and say it. The eyes have it — Adidas has you covered head to toe. Long known for athletic shoes, team uniforms, fan sportswear, ski jackets, and casual apparel, Adidas glasses have been the outlier of the Adidas brand, the quiet sibling. Professional athletes have long been fans of their superior glasses and goggles. If you haven’t noticed, take a close-up look next time you’re at a tennis or golf match, attending a baseball game, watching world cup soccer, or viewing an Olympic swim or ski event. You’ll see the three bar logo suggestive of a mountain to be climbed and conquered.

But athletes are style setters too, and so the brand also appeals to anyone who wants to look good, and, more importantly, see good. Eyesight plays a critical role no matter what the sport, whether one is putting on the green, jet-skiiing on the lake, or making one’s way down the mountain riding, knee-high moguls. This is why Adidas not only tests its sunglasses and sports goggles under extreme conditions of all types, their designers work with professional athletes of all types to constantly improve and ensure the performance and quality of Adidas sunglasses. And the features they come up with, while intended to accommodate athletes, both amateur and professional, serve drivers, pedestrians, outdoor workers, and sunbathers equally well. In other words, the unique designs of Adidas frames and signature wrap-around lenses guarantee a clear view and long-lasting comfort in the 9-to-5 world as well as on the ocean, bike lane, tennis court, and baseball diamond.

As Houston’s premier eyewear boutique, Eye Elegance offers a wide selection of next generation Adidas frames and lenses and a knowledgeable welcoming staff at both the post Oak and Montrose locations that is always happy to assist customers in choosing the style and technology that best suits the wide range of Texas climates and lifestyles.

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