If you’ve never heard of La Loop, we’ll let you in on a secret. It’s a subversive brand; one that dares to serve two masters — practicality and eye-catching style. In other words, it’s the product of a marriage between form and function. Now that we have your attention, we’ll let you in on a little secret. That fashionably clunky acetate and gold chain loop necklace dangling around the neck of that glamorous woman you saw at that art gallery premier last week was actually an eyeglass necklace. It had you fooled, right? And don’t look now, but that over-sized geometric sterling silver chain the barista at the coffee shop is wearing, that’s an eyewear chain. Not only do these accessories mark their wearers as individuals who are at home with the avant gard, but also as undercover persons of practicality who never have to waste time searching for their misplaced glasses. In fact that was the very problem that gave birth to the La Loop brand of eyewear jewelry accessories.

La Loop, A Brand Conceived in New York, Brought Up in LA

It all began over twenty years ago when a busy supermom financial executive with one eye on work, and the other on her kids’ homework finally became fed up with retracing he steps to find her reading glasses. She didn’t want to resort to one of those plain Jane eyeglass holders on a chain she regarded as dowdy, so she took matters into her own hands. While in Manhattan’s famed 47th Street Diamond District, she popped into a jewelry store and asked the jeweler to design a youthful solution — a fashionable chain that would conceal the secret that it was actually an undercover eyeglass necklace.

Then, as fate would have it, weeks later she was lunching with a fashion industry veteran who admired the fashionable eyewear chain that was fashionably unique yet suitable for business wear. And when she found it that it was truly unique and one of a kind, she proposed forming a partnership dedicated to making it available to those with the same fashionable penchant yet plagued by a life with too little time to spend searching for glasses. And so over the next two decades, La Loop, named for the patented loop that holds eyewear securely in place, rose to renown as a Los-Angeles based global enterprise that presents twice-yearly collections that fashionable eyewear salons clamber to include in their offerings.

If you live in Houston, you can find a La Loop chain just right for your style at Eye Elegance. With two convenient Montrose and Post Oak locations, we’re the eyewear boutique dedicated to the same principle of fashionable function as La Loop. Come in and let us help you find the look you’ve been searching for.

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