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Reading Glasses

Choosing your first pair of reading glasses is a rite of passage. While it may not be accompanied by the same euphoria as getting your first car, like that car, designer reading glasses can be an opportunity to make a fashionable statement that lets the inner you shine through, whether you're reading a report at work, perusing a menu in a restaurant, or reading on the couch at home. Many of us here at Eye Elegance know first hand since we've been there and done that so we welcome the chance to guide you through each step of selecting just the right pair of designer eyeglasses to suit your face and unique style.

<strong>Frame Width</strong>

Although designer eyeglasses can be flattering, they also can be uncomfortable if they don't fit, so our collection includes a wide selection of frames tailored to fit narrow, average, and wide faces.

<strong>Frame Shape</strong>

Of course you want reading glasses to fit your personal style, but you also need to take the time to consider what shape lens will best complement the shape of your face. As a rule:

• Round and oval lenses compliment both square faces and heart-shaped faces.
• Although oval faces can wear any shape lenses, square or round shapes compliment them best.
• Square or strong angular rectangle shapes provide contrast to a round face.
• Rimless and oval glasses, especially cats-eye shapes balance diamond shaped faces

<strong>Frame Materials</strong>

Eye Elegance is an optical boutique, so we're able to offer you more choices than other optical shops. We have conservative frames in 18K solid gold, stainless steel and titanium, but we also have statement-making buffalo horn, acetate, wood, zyl, and even precious and semi-precious jewels. In short, The premium materials we offer in our collections ensure that you won't see your designer reading glasses on every face in the crowd.

No matter which boutique you visit, our Montrose Blvd or our Post Oak Blvd location, one of our knowledgeable eyewear specialists will be happy to help you make your choice from our selection of designer reading glasses from such noted design houses as Robert Marc, Tag Heuer, Tom Davies Bespoke, Face a Face, and so many more.