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Lindberg Precious

If you're familiar with the Lindberg line of titanium framed glasses, you know that Lindberg has the reputation for quality and understated elegance. That's why we, at Eye Elegance, offer Lindberg Precious frames. The Lindberg Precious eyewear line brings elegance to a whole new level.

<strong>Luxuriate with Rare Metals and Unique Materials</strong>

Lindberg Precious frames use the very best materials such as 18 karat solid gold, real water buffalo horn, diamonds, and mammoth tusk. The gold comes in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and black gold. The Lindberg Precious eyewear line also offers platinum frames for incredible durability and beauty.

<strong>Unique. Just Like You</strong>

Each of the Lindberg Precious frames are handcrafted to exacting standards and designed to your preferences. These frames are lightweight, durable, and offer a uniqueness not found in other eyewear. Each water buffalo horn is unique, and coloration varies depending on the horn, itself. The mammoth ivory comes from extinct mammoth tusk, harvested from permafrost, as it has been done for centuries, giving your Lindberg Precious eyewear a unique and spectacular look when paired with the water buffalo horn. The diamonds come in white, pink, black, and rough uncut to provide a look not found in any other eyewear. This premium eyewear is customized to your preferences, and the frame you order is made for you, alone. Each frame is individually numbered, just like a piece of art. Because they <i>are</i> a work of art.

<strong>Rugged and Comfortable Eyewear</strong>

Despite the minimalist design, you'll find that your Lindberg Precious eyewear is the toughest eyewear around. Its patented design eliminates screws, welds, and rivets, leaving an incredibly comfortable and strong frame that you'll wear everywhere. You'll look exceptional in your Lindberg Precious eyewear because of its quality design and construction.

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