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Lindberg eyewear is considered luxurious in it minimalism. If that seems like a contradiction in terms, it won't once you try on your first pair of Lindberg glasses. Like a tailored suit or the essential little black dress, Lindberg frames exude a discrete elegance. And they're extraordinarily lightweight as befits their minimalist design. But then, weight, or rather the lack of it was what the Danish company was founded on.

<strong>About Lindberg</strong>

In 1983, founder Poul-Jorn Lindberg enlisted the help of architect Hans Dissing in designing the AIR Titanium frame. One year later, based on its success, the Lindberg brand came into being, and in the ensuing 35+ years, not only have Lindberg eyeglasses accrued over 40 awards, they enjoy the distinction of having received a Warrant of Appointment, an honor given to high-end brands that serve the royal family. But whether they'll be worn by royalty or citizen, each and every pair of Lindberg glasses enjoys individual craftsmanship and is customized and hand finished, and before being numbered individually.

<strong>What Makes Lindberg Lindberg</strong>


Unlike mass designed eyeglasses, Lindberg frames are made to order and crafted from high quality materials like titanium, gold, acetate, diamonds, and platinum all of which they source responsibly, as they do the natural animal horns that go into some styles.


The brand's patented innovations have revolutionized the crafting of frames, doing away with former essentials like rivets, screws, and welds, making Lindberg eyeglasses some of the most lightweight and comfortable eyewear on the planet without negatively impacting their strength and flexibility.

<strong>What Style are You Looking For?</strong>

Although the name was originally associated with rimless glasses, Lindberg eyewear has branched out into semi-rimless styles and frames that adhere to the Lindberg spare esthetics yet dare to make a statement. Whether you prefer frames of metal, plastic, buffalo horn, or mammoth tusk in shapes ranging from oval to round, square, or rectangular, Eye Elegance, Houston's premiere optical boutique has the designs, details, and materials you're looking for. Available in women's men's and unisex styles in our new West Post Oak location as well as our Montrose branch.