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Dorothy Parker, a 1940s era writer and critic for fashionable magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair was known for her pithy sayings tinged with satire and sharp wit, often directed at women like herself, middle class, worldly, and liberated from stuffy Victorian attitudes. Her most quoted quip, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses ” is no longer true. Today’s designer eyeglasses are considered sexy and alluring, and not only on women. Have you noticed how many sexy male celebrities are sporting unisex eyeglass frames? Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Brad Pitt, Steven Colbert? Need we say more? And oh yes, don’t forget Bono and his signature unisex sunglasses. In fact many men and women, once they have discovered how great they look in designer eyeglasses are leaving their contact lenses at home soaking in the case.

Unisex Glasses?
Unisex glasses are not a new concept. John Lennon made round wire frames not only acceptable, but sought after, by men as well as women. And those plastic framed half-glasses so many people don at work for reading are found in as many men’s desk drawers as women’s. However while it was their understated profile that made these appropriate for both males and females, today’s unisex eyeglass frames owe their popularity to their ability to make a fashion statement. Most people, young and old, know what they’re looking for – eyeglasses that look good on them, no matter who they’re made for. And designers, mindful of this, are coming up with glasses that know no gender.

Prime Time Glasses
David Caruso’s CSI Miami character, Horatio Caine was rarely seen without his iconic dark glasses and thanks to Model Thornhill, Oliver Peoples’ unisex eyeglasses women can assume his inscrutable pose anytime they wish.
What is it with crime show characters and their signature designer eyeglasses? Linda Hunt’s NCIS: Los Angeles character Henrietta Lange may be tiny, but she rules the roost and views the world through high profile round frames, not unlike those featured in Los Angeles Eof7 Collection.

At the musical end of the entertainment spectrum, Etnia Barcelona, entranced by the colors and textures of Africa came up with Africa 01 in the Wildlife in Africa series, unisex eyeglass frames inspired by animal prints, exotic woods, and endangered horns. it’s a toss-up who would love them more – Elton John or Madonna?

But there’s no need to wait until you’re discovered by an agent to find your the unisex sunglasses or designer frames that best express what you’re all about. You can have the Eye Elegance experience right here in Houston.