New Sunglasses Collection from Lindberg

Our current summer obsession is the new collection of sunglasses from Lindberg. The Lindberg design philosophy is centered around the concept of “discreet elegance,” and their award-winning eyewear strikes the perfect balance between modern and classic aesthetics.

This Danish brand is known for its use of ultra-luxe materials—think titanium, gold, platinum, and natural animal horn—and meticulous execution. Lindberg combines technical innovation and traditional craftsmanship in every pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses they create. The Lindberg Sun Collection for summer features the signature titanium temples in rimless and framed styles.

DOWN IN A SECOND from SPECTR Magazine on Vimeo.

Lindberg Sun Collection

Lindberg’s 2019 Sun Collection brings a “fresh and fashionable look to the table” with a gorgeous wardrobe of sunglasses in a variety of shapes. You’ll love some of the more unique design elements, such as acetate front sections paired with curved titanium brow lines to create a double-bridge look, as well as the lightweight comfort built into each pair of frames.

You can choose from a variety of lens colors, and some frames in the new Lindberg Sun Collection are also available with reflective lenses.

Maximum Look, Minimalist Principles

Lindberg eyeglass frames do away with non-essential screws, rivets, and welds, resulting in eyeglasses and sunglasses that are both flexible and strong, as well as lightweight and comfortable to wear. Lindberg Sun Collection frames are also lightweight and comfortable thanks to minimalist designs rendered in super-light materials such as acetate and super-thin titanium.

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