Bespoke is Better

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for eyewear is rushing through the process. Instead of choosing the first pair of eyeglasses you try on, why not take your time choosing an accessory that you will wear on your face every day for years? If you only spend a few minutes trying on a few pair of eyeglass frames it will be hard to know whether they are flattering or comfortable.

What is “bespoke”?

Bespoke eyewear is eyewear designed and custom-made specifically for you. In fashion, ‘bespoke’ means any item or article—suits, shirts, shoes—created especially for the wearer. A pair of bespoke eyeglasses frames require hours of detailed work by craftsmen and women who use your exact measurements to create frames that exactly fit your face.

Brow Line as Guideline

Face shape matters when choosing a pair of eyeglass frames, but an even better guideline to use is your brow line. Generally speaking, the top of the frames should follow the line of your eyebrows. Keeping your brow line lined up with the top of the frames enhances symmetry to make sure you are putting your best face forward.

Tom Davies Bespoke Eyewear

When we talk about bespoke eyewear, we are often talking about Tom Davies. All Tom Davies frames are handcrafted, and each pair takes between 16 and 22 hours of handwork to create. In order to become a master craftsman of bespoke Tom Davies eyewear, one must complete ten years of training at Tom Davies to ensure the execution of the flawless quality and craftsmanship that are synonymous with the brand. Your bespoke Tom Davies frames are created with exacting specifications, using your precise measurements, at the very highest levels of craftsmanship and quality. Visit Eye Elegance to begin the search for your bespoke eyeglasses frames today.

TD Tom Davies Bespoke Buffalo

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