Finding Your Frame Size

The key to looking great in your clothes and your accessories is selecting the right size. The better your eyeglasses fit, the better you look—and see! If you wear glasses you have probably been experienced a fitting before, but do you know your eyeglass size? Do you know where to find it?

Frame Size

There are three measurements you need to know when it comes to frame size: lens width, bridge width, and arm length. Look on the inside arm of your current pair of eyeglasses; chances are the measurements are listed there.

All three measurements are listed in millimeters:

  • Lens width: 31-60 mm
  • Bridge width: 12-31 mm
  • Glasses arm length: 115-155 mm

Other “measurements that matter” when shopping for your eyeglasses include lens height (the vertical height of the lenses), frame width (entire horizontal measurement of the front of the frame), and lens width (horizontal diameter of one lens, also referred to as “eye size”).

Frame Dimensions and Shopping

Knowing your frame size and understanding frame dimensions will help you pick the right pair of frames for your face. As always, the best way to determine whether you like the way you look in a pair of frames is to try them on!

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