Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I choose a flattering pair of eyeglass frames?” With a dizzying array of eyeglass frames available, the choice can feel overwhelming and intimidating. The staff at Eye Elegance is committed to helping you find the perfect pair of glasses—stop by either Eye Elegance location to try on and consult with an expert!

Step 1: Face Shape

If you have long hair, pull it back, and we will get started determining your face shape. Look at your face and decide which category best describes the shape and contour:

  • Oval: Balanced proportions
  • Heart-shaped: Wider at the top, narrowing toward the chin
  • Oblong: Longer than it is wide with long, straight cheeks
  • Square: Broad forehead, strong jawline; roughly equal width and length
  • Diamond: Broad cheekbones, narrow at forehead and jawline
  • Round: Curved, with a width and length in proportion to one another
  • Base-down Triangle: Narrow forehead, widens at cheeks and chin

Step 2: Frame Shape

The best way to “see what looks good” on you is to see what looks good on you! Trying on a pair of frames is always the best way to decide if you like the way you look. The following guidelines are general rules of thumb for best frame shapes to suit your face. Remember these are just suggestions, and your face is unique—just like you.

  • The balanced proportion of an oval face shape means you have plenty of options when it comes to frame shape. Rectangle and square shapes add structure to softer ovals; aviators are timeless and flattering.
  • Balance a heart-shaped face with frames that are wider/thicker/heavier at the bottom; if you want to soften angles, look for frames with softer curves. If you prefer a more eye-catching shape, try a funky geometric.
  • Shorten an oblong face by choosing frames with depth and/or decorative temple details.
  • When choosing frames for a square face select a shape that offers balance and structure, like a browline or oval frame. Women who want to add softness should consider a cat-eye shape.
  • Flatter a diamond face shape with frames that highlight the eyes with distinctive detailing at the browline; we also love rimless, oval, and cat-eye styles for this face shape.
  • Play with proportion when choosing frames for a round face shape—angular, narrow frames lengthen the face.
  • Balance out a base-down triangle shaped face by emphasizing the top of the face with frames that feature a strong brow detail.

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