Best Frames for Eye, Hair, and Skin Color

When it comes to eyeglass frames, it’s easy to get stuck in neutral. Flattering, professional, and easy-to-match, neutral eyeglass frames are a popular choice many people gravitate toward. Remember your eyewear can be flattering and professional and reflect your personality, so if you are looking for a little more fun consider a pair of frames that accentuate your features rather than blending in with them.

Best Frames: Skin Color

Choosing the right frames for your skin color is actually more about choosing the right frames for your skin tone. Are your undertones cool, warm, or neutral? Here is a quick rule-of-thumb guide for you:

  • Great colors for cool skin tones (blue or pink undertones) include cool-toned shades like blue, silver/gray, and green;
  • Warm undertones (think “peaches and cream”) will be enhanced by warm tones of gold, red, brown, yellow, and tortoise.
  • Neutral undertones (a mix of pink and golden) can choose from a wide spectrum of colors—don’t be afraid of bold black!

Best Frames: Eye Color

When deciding the best frame color to go with your eye color, first consider the desired effect. Do you want to stand out or blend in? A neutral color or a color close to your eye color is more subdued and professional, while frames in colors that contrast (and compliment!) your eye color can be more fun and festive. Here are a few examples and suggestions:

  • Blue eyes will pop when framed with a contrasting hue of orange or tortoise;
  • Brown eyes will stand out when framed with bright, bold colors in a hue flattering to your undertone—think bright blue or a pop of green;
  • Play up hazel eyes with brown or green frames, which will play up the inherent color contrast.

Best Frames: Hair Color

When choosing frame colors vis-à-vis your hair color stick with the cool, neutral, or warm color palette that best suits you and then play with hues in those ranges. Trying on different shades of the same color will help you determine what suits you best.

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