Frame Thickness, Width, and Arm Length – Oh My!

There is nothing better than a well-fitted, flattering pair of eyeglasses. When you’re shopping for new frames, it’s important to consider style and comfort. What difference can a little extra (or too little) width, frame thickness, or arm length make? Oh my!

Frame Thickness

Your eyeglasses should see you through thick and thin, but how do you choose between thick and thin eyeglasses? Solve this riddle by thinking about the kind of statement you wish to make with your eyewear. Do you want to make a strong statement or would you rather let your eyes do the talking?

  • Thick frames are bold, often styled in dark or saturated colors, and when rendered in black can have a cool, retro-feel. Clear and translucent colors (e.g. Crystal Pink) are also on-trend colors being rendered in thicker frames.
  • Thin frames blend into your face letting your features take center stage.

Frame Width

Frame width is a crucial aspect of properly fitting eyeglasses. When considering frame width, keep a few rules-of-thumb in mind:

  • A minimal gap should be present between your temple and the arm of the glasses;
  • When you smile your eyeglasses should stay resting on your nose, and not be dislodged by the movement of your cheeks;

Arm Width & Length

The width of eyeglass frame arms is almost always proportional to the thickness of the overall frame, which translates into a balanced fit. Trying on a pair of glasses is the best way to judge comfort, fit, and personal style. Stop by Eye Elegance and let us help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses today.

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