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MOD. ML03 COL. RB006

RB006-P0/ 55/16/
Out: Leaf Orange | In: Leaf Orange
Texture: P0 [Asphalt]
Lenses: Light Bronze Mirroring + Gold Anti-reflection On Back
Pa – Poliammide Nylon 4-base Made In Italy By Carl Zeiss Vision
Ft. Patented Perpetual 8-gon Hinge
Ft. Patented Mechanical Bonding : Surgical Stainless Steel + Organic Rubber
Technical Core: 0.6 mm Scandinavian Surgical Stainless Steel (Feather-light, Ultra-resistant, Fully-adjustable, Anallergic), Designed, Cut And Shaped To Avoid Weldings And Weaknesses. [Performance + Function]
Artisanal Surface: Organic Rubber Fused On Top, Compressed With Old Molds Into A Three-dimentional Texture, Followed By An Intricate Old-school Pigmentation Process, Perfected Through Slow Hand-rubbing For Selective Removal. Every Frame Is Unique. [Uniqueness + Feel]
Razor-bridge: Structural Metal Blades On The Bridge, Bended By Hand, Allowing Anti-fog Lens Perspiration. [Function + Aesthetic]
8-gon Hinge: Micro-milled 5mm Stainless Steel Block, Patented Interlocking Hinge Concept, Balance Of Inspirations, Geometrical Engineering And “haptic” Experience. [Precision + Function]
Nose-arms: Patented Structural Round Brackets Ft. 4-way Adjustable Duck-neck And Silicon Anallergic Soft Pads. [Comfort + Design]
Temple-tips: Sporty-look Straight Temple Tips, With Replaceable Silicon Heat-shrink Tubes. [Comfort + Design]

Brand: Hapter
Brand: Hapter Sun
Location: Post Oak
Style: Sunglasses

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