***You Need a La LOOP!***

You know that you shouldn’t put your sunglasses on top of your head, and if you tuck them into your shirt collar, you’ve probably dropped them on the floor.  If you’re like me, you like to carry sunglasses along with your clear prescription glasses, and need a solution that allows you to switch back and forth between them.  The answer is La LOOP, the patented necklace for eyewear!

La LOOP, the ultimate eyewear accessory, was invented out of necessity in 1999.  How may times can one look for one’s glasses?  Wearing those granny eyewear leashes—not an option.  Fusing fashion and function, La LOOP offers a collection of eyewear necklaces, each designed with a patented loop to help keep track of eyewear.  The hinges on either side of the loop allow your glasses to stay in place when hanging from the necklace.

Invented by New Englander Debbie Zoullas and designed by Elizabeth Faraut, La LOOP uses luxurious materials such as freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, hand-stitched leather, wood, and sterling silver to create a collection of pieces that are both beautiful and functional.  There is something for every budget, and every style, from feminine pieces with Swarovski crystals, to masculine pieces in leather and sterling, some with dog-tag shaped loops.


We invite you to stop in at Eye Elegance and let us show you our extensive collection of  La LOOP, and to show you how they work.  You’ll want at least one for yourself, and the make great gifts, too.



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