***Introducing Eyecode Lenses***

We at Eye Elegance are excited to introduce the most individualized lenses ever made, Eyecode lenses from Essilor.  Essilor’s technology allows us to measure the Eye Rotational Center, the position of the frame on you r face and the pantoscopic angle of the frame.  It also accounts for your natural posture.
Eyecode lenses capture the unique code in each individual eye, and use that data to perfectly calculate the design for each gaze direction.  No matter where you look, you get the most precise vision—instantly and effortlessly.
Eyecode is available in single vision and two Varilux progressive designs:  The Varilux Physio Enhanced Eyecode and, for the ultimate in personalization, the Varilux Ipseo IV Eyecode.  In addition to all of the personalized Eyecode measurements, the Ipseo lens also determines your ratio of head-to-eye movement when you scan a room or a page.  This allows the digital program to accommodate not only for your natural posture, but also for your individual behavior!
We would love for you to stop in soon and let us show you what complete lens personalization can do for you.  Watch our website, along with our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information and for a special promotion on Eyecode lenses starting soon!
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