What do your frames say about you?

While many people don’t need corrective lenses or substitute them for contact lenses, more and more often we’re seeing individuals embrace glasses, not only for better vision, but also as a fashion statement.

In fact, many feel their glasses represent who they are more so than other accessories or types of clothing. So what kind of glasses should you invest in? Here’s our opinion on which personality traits go best with which brands:

Business Minded
Lindberg – Intricate, sophisticated and lightweight. These attractive, practical frames will have everyone asking you for advice.

Lindberg Eyewear
Oliver Peoples – Popular among celebrities, the classic shapes and colors of this these designer glasses elude intelligence and independence together in one great frame.

Party animal
Theo – These kooky, creative, colorful glasses will shout to the world that you are someone who likes to walk off the beaten path.

Theo Eyewear

Etnia Barcelona – The strong colors and patterns of these frames will put that strut in your step into full force. Heads will turn when you walk in the room.

Designer/Creative Minded
Tom Davies Bespoke – For those of you with a one-of-a-kind personality this is the frame for you. The wearer is able to design their own pair of glasses using a variety of different materials, colors and finishes. This is also a great option for hard to fit faces, as each frame is handmade to fit absolutely perfectly.

Tom Davies Bespoke

Multiple Personalities
OyoBox – Some people cannot just choose one pair of glasses to bring out their huge personalities. For those people, we recommend investing in an OyoBox to keep all your frames safe. OyoBoxes come in a variety of colors and are available for $275.00 and up.


Finally, for those of you expressing yourselves outside, sunglasses are a great way to show off your personal style as well. Everyone wears (or should be wearing) sunglasses, whether they need a vision prescription or not.

No matter what your personality or style, at Eye Elegance we’re sure we can find you a frame that makes you feel like yourself. Visit us today, call (713) 622-4411 for more information, or learn more about the brands we carry by clicking here.