The Spotlight Is On Robert Marc

robert marc hinge

There’s a reason why countless celebrities, international eyewear experts, and all of us at Eye Elegance LOVE Robert Marc eyewear: The designs are simply timeless. In blending a touch of classic features with a splash of modern, Robert Marc eyewear offers something every four-eye enthusiast can enjoy.

But what really makes Robert Marc’s timeless designs some of the fashion world’s favorites?

  1. The signature hinge. Inspired by historical design and construction, Robert Marc eyewear has helped revitalize the art of the handcrafted frame for eyewear aficionados and fashionistas in the industry. Not only does this signature hinge add distinction and extravagance to each frame, it also unifies the entire Robert Marc Collection.
  1. The materials. Each piece of Robert Marc eyewear is created with only the highest-quality materials around. In the eyewear industry, this is zyl (or Italian acetate) and titanium. Famously known for “layering contrasting and complementary colors and patterns to create depth and glamour in each frame,” these specs or shades will make any owner feel both smart and sexy.
  1. You can look (and feel) like a celebrity. There’s simply no other way to put it. All you have to do is try on a pair and you’ll feel like January Jones in Robert Marc Eartha or Chris Rock in Robert Marc 820. With a loyal celebrity fan base, you’ll see these frames out at red carpet events as often as you will scrolling your Instagram feed. Not to mention, on the set of major motion pictures and television productions. Being known to “erase five years from your face”, it’s not a mystery why celebrities love Robert Marc. Some of the better-known enthusiasts include Oscar-winners Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman.
  1. Up on the seasonal trends. You’ll never be out of touch with this brand of eyewear. For example, take the “Art of Venetian Glass” Collection that came out this past Fall. This seasonal collection of frames is rich in lustrous colors, and really captures the trend. Every seasonal theme is always reflective of the collection’s overall artistic vision and imagination.
  1. They have a new 2015 Resort Collection coming out! And it looks incredible to say the least. Highlighting the chic nature of Miami Beach in an assortment of vibrant colors, this women’s collection line is sure to be a hit with three optical styles and two sun styles available. And for those vibrant colors? They’re definitely Miami, baby: Flamingo, Sunshine, Royal Palm, and Fontainebleau!

To top it all off, ALL Robert Marc eyewear is 50% off at The Frame Sale going on NOW! Yes, you read that right. Yes, we’re not crazy. And no, this deal will not last forever! So come by today, this week, or sometime soon, to try on a pair of frames or a dozen pairs from one of our favorite designers. Because as much as we love talking about Robert Marc eyewear, we love putting our customers into frames that much more!

*The Frame Sale is going on from February 2nd – March 7th, 2015. Restrictions may apply.