The Best Gasses for Round Faces in 2021

glasses for round faces

When it comes to finding the finest glasses to fit your face shape, everyone has a different set of criteria they use. You’ll want to look for glasses for round faces that will enhance your looks while also displaying your own sense of style.

Only you have control over your eyewear choices. When it comes to selecting eyewear, whether it’s eyeglasses or sunglasses, there are a few methods that may assist.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of figuring out how to match your face shape with the right kind of frames. We’ll explore the best glasses for round faces with a focus on 2022 styles, one at a time.

Glasses for Round Face Shape: Understanding the Basics

The reality regarding face shapes is that virtually no one is a perfect heart, round, square, or other well-defined categories. Most people’s faces are a mix of various forms, such as rounded chins and towering foreheads, angular characteristics and tapering jaws, and so on.

It may be difficult to choose just one stock of pictures from a collection. Even if your chin is a bit more pointed than the “average” oval, or your forehead is a little broader than the “normal” inverted triangle, you want the form that looks the most like yours.

These are simply suggestions to help you figure out how to harmonize and compliment your features; they’re not hard and fast laws.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you may choose which frame form will give your face a natural balance. This guide will assist you in determining the kind of glasses shape to search for while shopping online or at a store.

In the mirror, take a close look at your jawline to get an honest assessment.
Is your jawline rounded or angular? Determine whether or whether your jawline is more “round” or “square” to get a general idea of your facial features. For a more in-depth look at your face features, go to the list below.

Determining Your Face Shape

We should double-check if you have a round face before selecting a frame. It’s important to keep in mind that identifying your facial shape isn’t a precise science.

Few individuals have a face that is exactly “round,” “square,” or “oval.” The majority of individuals have components of several facial types.

Identifying your most noticeable facial characteristics and matching them to the closest face form is the best method to discover your face shape. Jaw, cheeks, and forehead are the most common.

The following are the main distinguishing features of round faces.

  • Smooth lines and soft curves
  • The broadest portion of the face is the cheekbones
  • Same breadth from the jaw to the brow
  • Chin with a rounded shape and few angles

Both square and round faces have comparable proportions, with equal width jawlines and foreheads. Because of their curves, soft features, and absence of angles, round faces are typically simpler to recognize than other face types.

You can also check out these frames in person when you go in person to one of Eye Elegance’s locations in Houston.

Type of Frames

Choose a thin, transparent, or contrasting bridge color to give the illusion of larger eyes.

The eyeglasses are more comfortable since the nose cushions may be adjusted to prevent the frame without resting on your larger cheeks. Frames with full rims and semi-rimless spectacles are also excellent choices.

So, by choosing geometric frames, all the plump cheeks appear fantastic. Choosing the appropriate frame for your face type can produce a balanced impression and enhance your overall appearance.

The Best Glasses for Round Faces

Round-faced people tend to choose angular frames, and for a good reason. This will help to balance out your more delicate features by adding some contrast to them.

People with round faces look great in thick, full-rimmed spectacles with angular lines.

If you have a round face, the following are the best eyeglass frame shapes, keeping the popular styles of 2021 in mind.

Frames in Rectangular and Square Shapes

Rectangular frames assist to create angles that emphasize your features by lengthening your face and making it seem longer and slimmer.

Square glasses, like rectangular frames, give balance and angles to a round face’s soft features. They may also make your face seem longer and slimmer. Many people with round faces will find them to be a great fit. You can go for really chic ones from Hapter.

Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-eye spectacles are popular among ladies who have larger, rounder cheekbones.

Upswept frames with flared temples offer a flattering “lifting” effect that shapes your face and provides a lovely retro or vintage appearance. The majority of ladies with round faces choose angular frame designs and avoid rounder forms.

Upswept Frames

Upswept frames will definitely complement your rounder face and bring emphasis to your voluptuous cheeks.

This unique frame form will extend your face and draw attention to your eyes. The upswept frame design enhances your individuality by adding curves to your face.

Oversized Frames

For round faces, larger frames are best.

Soft characteristics provide a lovely backdrop for large, bold, and colorful frames that show off your personality and creativity.

Aviators or Navigators

Aviators are one of the most popular sunglasses designs, and they’re even being used as prescription glasses.

We suggest frames with a much more angular or square form, commonly referred to as “navigators,” since the teardrop shape isn’t suitable for everyone with a round face.

You can go with really luxurious ones from Cartier, or something a bit more sporty from Adidas.

Geometric Frames

Geometric frames are available in a variety of forms and sizes.

Hexagon and other angular forms may give you a very trendy appearance that contrasts with the delicate roundness of your features. It’s a great option as round face glasses.

Ready to Give Your Frames a Makeover?

One of the few ways you can completely overhaul your looks in a single step is by changing your glasses and their shape.

Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on the different glasses for round faces that you can confidently buy and know they’ll look good on you.

And, if you liked reading our article, then you’ll love checking out our additional tips for picking the perfect women’s glasses (and much more). All of them will be available to you in our blog section.

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