Switching to Glasses May Help You Reduce Face-Touching

If you’re looking for ways to stop touching your face so frequently these days, look no further than your own contact lenses—and then trade them for your trusty eyeglasses! The experts say two personal habits—face-touching and hand-washing—are two of the most important keys to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Once you start paying attention, it is kind of surprising how often you touch your face. This is why reducing how often you purposely touch your face is so important. When you switch from contacts to eyeglasses, you are eliminating unnecessary contact with your face that could lead to transmission of the disease.

Man touching face without glasses

We recommend reviewing the American Academy of Opthalmology COVID-19 guidance and prevention measures for additional information on eye care during the coronavirus pandemic. Note the specific AAO recommendation to switch from contacts to glasses: “There is no evidence that wearing contact lenses increases your risk of coronavirus infection. But contact lens wearers touch their eyes more than the average person.” AAO goes on to note that wearing glasses may even add a layer of protection since lenses can help shield your eyes from droplets (though they do not provide 100% protection).

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