Sunglasses & Your Eye Health

In addition to being a fun accessory, sunglasses provide important protection for your eyes. UVA and UVB rays can cause a variety of health problems, and cause skin damage around your eyes. Spending a little more on your sunglasses—and taking good care of them—is a good investment in your eye health and your style profile.

Sunglasses = Sunblock

It’s just as important to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays as it is to protect your skin. UVA/UVB ray effects on the eye include:

  • Cataracts—This clouding of the eye’s lens can cause blurry vision; about 20 percent of cases are caused by UV exposure; cataracts are the #1 cause of blindness.
  • Macular degeration—Damage to the retina causes macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of preventable, and irreversible, vision loss in the United States.

Get Fit

If your sunglasses don’t fit, they won’t provide the best protection—then what’s the point? Visit either Eye Elegance location—Montrose or Post Oak—to find your perfect pair of sunglasses, and let our staff help provide the perfect fit.

More Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

Don’t forget the kids! Everyone in the family should have well-fitting sunglasses.

Have you updated your sunglasses prescription lately? Make sure you are wearing your most current prescription.

Look for polarized sunglasses, and ask about special anti-glare/anti-scratch/waterproofing coatings and treatments.

Don’t store your sunglasses in the car! High interior temperatures aren’t good for the lenses or the frames.

Blac Carbon Fiber Eyewear Sunglasses


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