Sport Eyewear for Summer

It’s almost May, which means summer in Houston is truly just around the corner. Don’t find yourself out for a run on the Rice Loop squinting through cheap sport sunglasses in the July heat! Let the staff at Eye Elegance help you find the right sport eyewear to keep you active on the trail, in the water, or anywhere you want to go.

What’s the difference?

Our “every day” sunglasses just don’t perform well for a lot of outdoor activities. When choosing a pair of sport sunglasses ask yourself the following:

  1. Do they fit comfortably and securely? “A good fit” isn’t enough for sunglasses you wear during a lot of activity—especially in Houston heat and humidity! You want the fit to be secure enough to withstand sweat and movement, but also comfortable enough to wear for long periods.
  2. Do they provide enough protection? The glasses should provide a comfortable level of shade and coverage, which varies depending on the wearer.
  3. Do the lenses enhance your vision? If you want to go beyond getting the sun out of your eyes and into improved performance, investing in a high-quality pair of sport glasses will help.

Don’t just improve—enhance

Athletes who rely on hand-eye coordination for performance can get more than just sun protection with the right pair of shades—they can improve performance, too. Tennis players and golfers can benefit from lenses that help clearly define ball movement, while cyclists and runners can enjoy clearer views of the road ahead.

Tint vs. UV Protection

adizero-300x213Tint and UV protection are two different aspects to consider when considering lenses. Different tints are good for different things, and you will probably find you have a strong personal preference for some over others. Do you want to preserve color trueness? Do you need contrast enhancement? Brightness reduction? Don’t forget that some tints work best in sunny, and others in cloudy conditions.

UV protection is simply the amount of protection your lens offers against ultraviolet light, something you cannot see or feel, but is harmful.  It is unrelated to the color and darkness of the tint you choose.  Just because a lens is darkly tinted does not mean it offers a great deal of UV protection.  Make sure you choose a lens with the right tint and the proper UV protection for long, active hours outdoors. Stop in to Eye Elegance and let one of our staff experts help you choose sport eyewear for summer from Adidas and Tag Heuer.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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