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This month we are highlighting new styles from brands we love available exclusively at Eye Elegance Post Oak. Today our spotlight is on Japanese brand Matsuda. You may not know it, but you probably already know one pair of Matsuda sunglasses—the iconic “Sarah Connor” sunglasses are the T2 Matsudas, and launched the brand into the public consciousness.

About Matsuda

Each pair of Matsuda frames is crafted by hand in their workshops in Sabae, Japan, and famously requires up to two years and as many 250 steps, moving through the hands of as many as 13 craftsmen. Using only the finest materials—titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k solid gold, as well as acetate—each pair of Matsuda eyewear is itself a detailed work of art.

Matsuda M1020 Natural Brown Front

New Styles by Matsuda

Find new styles by Matsuda at the Eye Elegance Post Oak boutique. Here are a few of the new style and color combinations in store:

  • M1020/NTLBR
  • M1020/GRC Greycrystal
  • M3075/TPE-MAG
  • M3075/MCM-MBK
  • M3075/GRC-BS
  • M3086/BS, BR, Silver
  • M3086/BG, BR, Gold
  • M9014-i/MBK-rg
  • Matsuda Precious in M9014 SG-RG/St. Silver Rose Gold

Matsuda M1020 Grey Crystal Side

Take a Second Look

What if you don’t find something you love from Robert Marc? Don’t worry, we also have new styles from many of our other favorite luxury eyewear brands. Ask one of our representatives about what’s new from:

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  • Chrome Hearts


End-of-Year Reminder

Don’t forget to use flexible spending or health savings account balances that are about to expire in December! Use those pre-tax FSA or HSA dollars to invest in a new set of eyeglasses from Eye Elegance.


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