Serious Sunglass Care

There is no shortage of sunshine in Houston, which means we wear our sunglasses on a daily basis. With proper care you can get a lot of life out of an oft-worn pair of sunnies, so we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you maintain your favorite shades for years to come.

Don’t leave sunglasses in the car

phoca_thumb_l_1rm51It may seem like common sense, but many people leave sunglasses in the car, thinking it’s preferable to a pocket or handbag where scratches might occur. However the interior of a car heats up fast—especially here in Houston. Heat can melt plastic frames causing warping; lenses left in high heat for prolonged periods can also warp, obstructing vision. Heat also has the potential to do damage to polarized film, anti-reflective coatings, and scratch resistant treatments applied to lenses.

Instead, take your sunglasses with you; invest in a hard case to protect the glasses while they are in your coat, purse, or pocket. And never, ever put uncovered sunglasses into your pocket—you’re just asking for damaged lenses.

Regular careful cleanings for routine maintenance

Don’t wait until you can’t see out of your sunglasses before you clean them; rather, commit to regular cleanings to keep your sunnies in top shape. Keep a microfiber cloth in your sunglass case for quick cleanings on-the-go, but be careful—you can rub debris into the lenses, which can cause scratching, so be gentle.

For regular cleanings, first rinse your sunglasses under warm water. This will remove large pieces of debris that could scratch the lenses. If you need to use a cleanser, try a gentle dish detergent or eyeglass cleanser; avoid products with alcohol, which can damage some types of lens coatings. Using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, wipe down the lenses and frames.

When in doubt, see a professional!

Whether you have a deep scratch down the center of your prescription lens or your brand-new frames are warped after an afternoon on the dashboard, there is some damage only a professional can address. If you are afraid your frames are beyond repair, or you can’t see out of one eye, step away from the pliers and visit your friendly neighborhood eyewear specialist.

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