Fashion Meets Protection: A Complete Guide to Prescription Sunglasses

prescription sunglasses

Finding a pair of sunglasses that checks off all of your needs can be difficult. You want your sunglasses to include your prescription, protect from UV rays and glare, and make you look fabulous.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your eyeglasses and your sunglasses. When it comes to your comfort and vision, you may be able to have the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for prescription sunglasses from your favorite luxury designers, it might be easier than you think!

Keep reading to find out how you can maximize style and comfort with a luxury pair of prescription shades!

Advantages of Prescription Sunglasses

For many who rely on sunglasses, there is no alternative to prescription sunglasses.

In bright and uncomfortable conditions, using prescription sunglasses is not only more comfortable but safer. If you are driving, glare and sun sensitivity can put you at risk, as well as other drivers.

Additionally, if you love designer sunglasses, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Many luxury brands offer designer prescription sunglasses. You can get the right lenses for your favorite pair of high-fashion sunglasses.

Some people enjoy wearing contact lenses with nonprescription sunglasses over them but these will not be helpful if your lenses have become dry. They will also not be helpful if you are enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming in a pool or the beach.

Investing in a good pair of prescription sunglasses will enjoy your comfort on very bright days or while doing certain outdoor activities.

Adding a Prescription to Your Sunglasses

A great way to get prescription sunglass lenses is to combine your purchase with your designer sunglasses.

This way, you are guaranteed to get your favorite sunglass style, with your prescription lenses at the same time. If you have a pair of sunglasses that you love and you want lenses fitted for them, you’ll have to take them to an optical lab.

A full-service optical boutique will have all of the services you need on-site, including a lab to customize your shades.

With a prescription pair of sunglasses, you can be sure that your eyes are protected from direct sunlight and that they are suited to your individual style.

Types of Lenses

There are several types of lenses to choose from when customizing a pair of high-end sunglasses. Style is important but of course, you want to make sure that they are appropriate for your eye and your prescription.

Photochromic Lenses

These lenses gradually get darker when there is more sunlight present. They are referred to as transition lenses, and they are one of the most popular brands of this lens type.

These types of lenses are great if you:

  • Frequently drive at night
  • Enjoy the convenience of one pair of glasses for multiple uses
  • Have driving glasses
  • Your eyes are sensitive to light
  • You enjoy extra protection on your eyes

Try these stylish Matsuda sunglasses with a photochromic lenses. The Japanese design is the perfect blend of style and function.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce glare but they do not transition from light to dark. If you work or spend a lot of time outdoors doing high-glare activities polarized lenses are for you.

They are helpful when driving on a bright day by reducing glare from your windshield, the road, and other surrounding cars.

These classic Robert Marc sunglasses from their luxury men’s collection is ideal for a polarized lens.

Transitions Xtractive Lenses

These lenses are great for extreme conditions. They work even with the brightest sun and sweltering conditions.

Transitions Xtractive protect you from 100% of the sun’s harmful rays. They help protect your eye behind the wheel by darkening behind the windshield. Harsh indoor lights also don’t stand a chance with these lenses as they give a slight tint, intuitively adjusting even when you aren’t outside.

If you want ultimate protection and style, luxury sports sunglasses are durable and fashionable.

Where to Buy Prescription Sunglasses

You might be wondering, where can I find prescription sunglasses near me?

Few eyewear shops provide the type of service and attention to detail as Eye Elégance. This optical boutique is your one-stop shop for selecting, framing, and customizing your prescription sunglasses.

They have a selection of luxury eyewear that offers something special for each and every client. Their staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and patient, helping you personalize your perfect pair of glasses.

Check out some of their unique services:

  • Expert frame styling and modification for optimal fit
  • Quick delivery time with most lens work in-house
  • Expert frame repairing
  • Custom lens shaping and resizing
  • Custom frame styling and painting
  • Personalize sun-clips

These are just some of the services provided by the team at Eye Elégance. They have so many exclusive services that set them apart from your average optical shop. They are committed to providing care and customization to create the ultimate pair of sunglasses for you.

The Bottom Line on Prescription Sunglasses

Picking out your perfect pair of shades doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The right optical boutique will have a collection of women’s and men’s prescription sunglasses that is sure to have something just for you. Ensure that you use a trusted optician who understands your specific sunglass needs.

Combine your lens purchase with your sunglasses, use a trusted lab, and considered what type of lens you need.

For more information, visit our website and check out a location near you!

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