Designer Eyeglasses For Men: Top Picks & How to Choose

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It’s been a long time since eyeglasses were considered “unfashionable” and “nerdy”. These days, it’s normal to see a celebrity rocking some awesome eyewear. It might even become a part of their signature look.

But eyeglasses — even nice eyeglasses — take up a lot of space and change the structure of your appearance. Any man looking for the best designer eyeglasses for men is going to have to make sure that they find the right designer glasses, otherwise, they could just end up looking worse.

This article will walk you through some of the best glasses you can wear to perfect your look.

Angular Horn-Rimmed

The angular, large horn-rimmed glasses are iconographic parts of hipster culture. When worn right, they even have a certain rebellious punk-rock quality.

You can see everyone from Buddy Holly to Johnny Depp to Johnny Knoxville wearing these glasses. They’re perfect for classying-up a casual outfit, or making a professorly look just a bit more rock-and-roll.

However, the celebrities who wear this type of glasses all have one thing in common — long faces. This sort of horn-rimmed glasses adds a highly angular look to the face, so one needs to already possess certain distinct facial features if they want it to work.

Those with round faces will find that this sort of glasses frames the fast awkwardly, making the face appear wider than it actually is. Those with long, thin, faces will instead find that this sort of glasses balances out their natural look.

You also have to consider the color that you want to go with. Glasses with a bold color are — well — bold. They’re showing that you’re afraid to not add color directly to your face.

Check out this pair of this classic of style glasses with a modern twist — the color blue. Some people might find this to be a bit “too much” — but we think that the right person could find the perfect balance.


Circular glasses are another popular, fashionable style. This tends to read a bit more “eccentric” — a bit less common. John Lennon and Ozzy Ozbourne are famous for their circular glasses; playwright David Mamet is noticeable for his thick, brown, circular frames, Elton John’s current famous orange-lensed glasses are circular, Samuel L. Jackson loves his distinct glasses, and circular glasses were also famously worn by Steve Jobs.

As you can see, when it comes to circular glasses, you have many options. The glasses tend to make one look a bit like a mystic or a thinker. This goes with the elegant Rocketman persona Elton John has created, the other-worldly philosopher look John Lenon went with, the cranky theatre purist image of David Mamet, and the visionary presentation of Steve Jobs.

Something you’ll notice above the above people is that they don’t have particularly distinct or angular faces. All of these people — though extraordinary — possessed the looks of an “ordinary guy”. This is why we recommend the circular glasses to those with a more standard — even round — face, to help them stand out.

Circular glasses can take a bit of trial and error. In some contexts, they might make you look too serious. In other contexts, they might make you look too far out.

At the end of the day, you can pull it in either direction depending on your hair or clothing. These Brilliant 36 glasses are perfect for anyone who wants to define a look that’s intellectual and profound.

Aviator Sunglasses

Though it’s not quite the month for it yet, sunglasses are an incredibly important part of fashion. The right sunglasses can make or break an outfit.

Aviator sunglasses are one of the boldest types of sunglasses to wear. They project a direct — and sometimes ironic — element of cool.

Aviators can be seen on a wide variety of people. Famous Goth Rocker Andrew Eldritch wore them as part of his signature look. As a complete contrast, people like Tom Cruise and Joe Biden have worn them to present a sort of middle-of-the-road, old-school version of cool.

So who are aviator sunglasses for? Rather than a specific face type, we recommend it for someone who’s able to dress with a touch of irony, and isn’t afraid to lean into an old-school version of cool.

The aviator sunglasses are best for people who are known for their throwbacks. If you’re the guy who shows up at parties in vintage denim jackets from the 70s, Terry Cloth shirts, lavish scarves, or cowboy boots, you’re no stranger to the flamboyant over-the-top nature of aviator sunglasses.

You can also get away with them if they’re your only extravagance, contrasted with a fairly normal suit. We recommend this pair of aviator sunglasses if you’re ready for them. But beware, they aren’t for the faint of heart.

Large Black Sunglasses

But nothing says opulence like the large black sunglasses — popularized by figures like Miles Davis in the 1970s. Popularly seen on rappers, actors, and social media personalities, large black sunglasses are rarely seen on anyone but the coolest of the cool. (Speaking of which, it’s remarkable how much Miles Davis influenced our notion of cool).

We only recommend pulling out a big black pair of sunglasses every once in a while. They’re going to require a large personality and lavish outfit to keep up with them.

If you think you have what it takes, just check these out.

Wear the Best Eyeglasses For Men

As you can see, the world of eyeglasses for men vastly depends upon personal style, image, and facial structure. Make sure you take into account all parts of your look and personality before picking a wonderful pair of glasses out.

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