Better Than a Stick in the Eye.

When it comes to eyewear we usually care mostly about the prescription and how awesome the frame makes us look. Protecting our eyes is often a second thought. That being said, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nearly 60% of the eye injuries that occur in the workplace are due to lack of eye protection or the wrong kind of eyewear.

GogglesIn order to help keep your eyes looking and seeing beautifully, here are 4 tips for protecting them in or out of the workplace:

  1. Know your surroundings.
    • Whether you’re sitting at a desk in your office, working on a construction site, or gardening in your yard, make sure you look around and identify potential hazards to your eyes. After all, there’s nothing worse than a stick in the eye.
  1. Have your eyes examined
    • The better you can see the easier it is to avoid eye hazards! Even if you think you have perfect vision, eye exams are good for identifying underlying concerns.
  1. Wear appropriate eyewear
    • This is given. If you wear prescription eyewear, make sure you don’t leave it at home. If you’re in an environment that requires goggles, make sure you’re wearing them at all times. If you’re outside all day, invest in a pair of well fitting sunglasses, etc.
  1. Plan for an emergency
    • No one ever plans on getting injured, but know basic first aid, and what to do if something does happen is an essential step for saving vision in emergency situations.

Overall, make sure you use your common sense when it comes to protecting your eyes. And remember, you can look great, and see great without compromising your safety!

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