4 Vintage Designs Hitting Runways Soon

Last year on the Eye Elegance blog, we talked about how designers are still following the cat-eye trend. The cat-eye is a classic look that first gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, giving women a fresh and bold look. This got us thinking about other retro trends that are making a comeback and a few we would like to see return to the runway.

Cat eye sunglasses

Oversized Glasses

Back in the day, large glasses were common, but then fell out of favor for smaller more clean-cut styles. In more modern times, big frames became very popular for women’s sunglasses. With all the new colors, designs, and materials used to make frames, we would love to see more unique oversized frames hit the runways. We think oversized eyeglasses could provide a bold and distinct look.

Perfectly Round

Little round glasses were first made famous by icons like Gandhi and John Lennon, but then took a back seat to modern rectangular frames. Now circle glasses are making a comeback. They offer a light and fun vintage look that is the perfect change of pace from your everyday glasses.

Browline Glasses

The classic browline look, first invented in 1947, is back in style for both men’s and women’s eyeglasses and sunglasses. These glasses mimic a thick and serious browline. Add this style to your rotation for a classic and sophisticated look.

round eyeglasses

Tortoise Shell Frames

Black is usually the color of choice for eyeglass and sunglass frames, but tortoise shell frames are quickly gaining popularity. Designers are making various frame styles in the tortoise shell scheme. The best part is that tortoise shell is unisex, so both men and women can pick up a pair of tortoise shell frames for a warm look that can be dressed up or down.

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