How-To Avoid Make-Up Shame from Frames

If you wear glasses, stress no more because we have the 411 on the do’s and don’ts to wearing makeup with your frames!

DO color those lips! Don’t be afraid of lipstick. There are plenty of women whom picture their grandmother when asked about wearing lipstick. It is 2014, and there are plenty of lipstick kinds and colors to choose from! Are you feeling extra bold today? Then put on that red, and make a statement. If you are feeling extra feminine then go with a light pink. You can also change up the texture you use. Just because you wear frames doesn’t mean you have to push your lips to the side.

DON’T use heavy bottom eyeliner. Frames tend to make the underneath area of the eye appear darker so using a heavy black eyeliner will make those bags more noticeable.

Female wearing glassesDO conceal and highlight if you have darker under-eye circles. Framing your eyes mean more attention to this area.

DON’T use liquid foundation. Okay, we aren’t saying to never use liquid, but if you have indents from your glasses then mineral or powder foundations are a better fit for your face. Liquid tends to cake and nest in the creases more as the day goes on.

DO curl those beautiful lashes! Curling your eyelashes will open up your eyes and make them pop. We recommend using smudge resistant or waterproof to avoid smudging. Curl those lashes because your eyes don’t have to hide behind the frames!

DON’T make your eye shadow and frames compete for attention. It is perfectly acceptable to complement your frames, actually that is encouraged, but don’t plaster the exact color on. If you want your shadow to match your frames, choose a shade that is either a couple shades lighter or darker.

DO maintain those brows. Wearing frames draws attention towards your eyebrows, which makes it vital that you pay attention to them.

Frames are great accessories, and they can make a statement. The bottom line is frames are gorgeous and you are too, but remember that they accessorize YOU! Follow those tips, and I promise you will steal the show.

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