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a woman is wearing designer eyeglasses while holding it on both hands
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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Designer Eyeglasses

The way you dress matters. It defines your mood and sets the tone for not only your day but your entire life. And your designer eyeglasses are the most important piece of any outfit you put together. You will be wearing your designer eyeglasses with every outfit you choose. Day in and day out your glasses…

Face-a-Face Designer Frames Creator Video
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Shop Face a Face at Eye Elegance

Shop new styles by Face a Face now at Eye Elegance in Houston. For more than 20 years, Face a Face eyewear has designed bold, expressive designer frames as envisioned by brand founders Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth. Today, Face a Face eyewear has established a reputation for exciting designs rendered in beautiful materials.

Embrace Your Funky Side with Theo Frames

Did you know the Eye Elegance End of Season Sale is going on right now? Did you know select Theo frames are part of the sale RIGHT NOW at our Montrose location? And did you know Theo loves you? Yeah you. Well you do now. What’s so great about Theo frames anyway? It’s true, Theo…

4 Gifts for Your Spectacled Valentine

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, that means it’s time to put on our thinking glasses and find the perfect gift for your Valentine. So you don’t have to think too hard, we put together a list of gifts that are sure to please your glasses wearing Valentine. For the Collector Does your Valentine have a…