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Sienna style sunglasses from Tom Davies
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Must-See Styles from Tom Davies at Eye Elegance at Post Oak

You’re invited to see the very latest in Tom Davies eyewear, in-store now at our Eye Elegance Post Oak or Montrose boutiques. Stop in and shop our latest selection of eyewear by staff-favorite luxury brand Tom Davies to see what longtime Eye Elegance clients already know about this beloved brand—bespoke eyewear created for each, unique…

Tom Davies Bespoke Silver Custom Made Sunglasses
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Tom Davies Bespoke – Custom Made Eyewear

Tom Davies Bespoke eyewear is created by master craftsmen who must complete ten years of training before working at Tom Davies. All frames are handcrafted, and each frame takes between 16 and 22 hours of handwork; more than half of the frames created by Tom Davies craftsmen are bespoke. But what does ‘bespoke’ really mean?…