December is Safe Toys & Gifts Month

Be mindful of the gifts and toys you’re buying in December during Safe Toys & Gifts Month. Did you know more than 250,000 children are treated annually for toy-related injuries? You can help prevent eye injuries by being mindful of the types of gifts and toys you purchase and give during the holiday season.

Tips for Shopping

When you’re shopping for toys and gifts for the kids on your list, follow a few simple rules to reduce risk and potential injury:

  • Read all labels and warnings, and choose age-appropriate toys for each recipient
  • Avoid toys and games with sharp points or spikes, sharp edges, or parts that fly off
  • Inspect toys before use and show kids how to use the toy or game safely

Additional precautions can include:

  • Making sure children have protective eyewear to accompany any sports equipment gifts
  • Proper supervision to prevent injury
  • Look for the ‘ASTM’ designation—the American Society for Testing and Materials

Young Girl and her Bear

In the Event of Injury

All eye injuries require immediate medical attention. In the event of an eye injury—even on a holiday—seek medical attention as soon as possible. If an eye injury is caused by a chemical, flush the eye with water.

More on Eye Health & Safety

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