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Trendwatch: Eyewear Lens Hues Making News

One of the hottest trends in eyewear has jumped straight off the couture runway and onto the fashion pages of every magazine from Vogue to The New York Times Style Magazine—lenses in every hue, often seated in throwback vintage frames. The result is bold but wearable, with modern and retro appeal. In addition to looking…

All About Transitions® Lenses

Also known as “photochromatic lenses,” Transitions brand lenses are able to detect and adjust to changes in light; when exposed to UV light, the lenses darken, and when you go back inside—or night falls—the lenses reverse course, becoming clear again.

A Polarizing Topic

When searching for a new pair of sunglasses shoppers are confronted with a lot of information about eye protection, with words like “polarized” and “UV protection” and “blue light” making frequent appearances. It can be a confusing process, one that we hope to make a bit less puzzling by breaking down some of the terminology.