Kid’s Eyewear

Safe Toys Mean Safer Eyes for Kids
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December is Safe Toys & Gifts Month

Be mindful of the gifts and toys you’re buying in December during Safe Toys & Gifts Month. Did you know more than 250,000 children are treated annually for toy-related injuries? You can help prevent eye injuries by being mindful of the types of gifts and toys you purchase and give during the holiday season. Tips…

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September is Sports Eye Safety Month

Did you know there are 40,000 sports-related eye injuries every year in the United States—or that about 90 percent of those injuries are entirely preventable? September is Sports Eye Safety Month, and this week we’re talking about how you can protect yourself and your family from eye injuries. Reducing the Risk Protective eyewear is the…

Lindberg Strip for Kids or Teens
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Back-to-School: Vision & Technology

Students from kindergarten to graduate school spend more time in front of a screen than ever. Computers, smartphones, laptops, smart chalkboards, television, and more, means “back-to-school” is a time for vision awareness. Eye Relief The best way to protect eyes from too much screen time is to take a break. A general rule of thumb…

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August is Child Eye Health & Safety Month

Make your child’s eye health a priority in August, during Child Eye Health & Safety Month. You’ve heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Your child’s eye health and safety is the perfect example. You can prepare your child for the new school year and protect their eye health…

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Back-to-School Shopping Tips

It’s hard to believe, but September is here, and with it plenty of back-to-school shopping. Whether you’re a college student in search of a new pair of specs, a teacher heading back to the blackboard, or a parent seeking new eyewear for the kids, we have some eyewear shopping tips to help you score an…