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Eye Elegance, Houston's premiere optical boutique, is pleased to announce the handmade eyewear collection from Bellinger Eyewear. This exclusive luxury brand, known worldwide for design innovation, features a wide array of magnificent colors and design patterns. Bellinger glasses are prized by both men and women for the ultimate in quality craftsmanship, detail, and exquisite Danish design.

Bellinger eyewear is known as the captivating upscale designer collection that totally redefined Danish eyewear design with handmade artistry. The Bellinger design team is passionate about each style in the collection as they skillfully create Bellinger Glasses with unique details that range from elements with an ultra modern flare to sophisticated retro designs. This creativity is combined with a delightful sense of playfulness.

You may wonder how Bellinger eyewear designers find the inspiration and motivation year after year to design entirely new collections. There's no question that their achievements and drive would be impossible for the average person to handle, but these creatives are a special breed that thrives on unique design challenges, solving problems, and frequently managing almost impossible obstacles.

A perfect example of how this creative mindset works can be seen in Blac, Bellinger's elegant, and super sleek carbon fibre frame. What most people outside the industry don't realize is that anything from cars, boats, planes, antiques, and previous fashion elements from years ago can provide the creative spark as a source of design inspiration. Leaving nothing to chance, Bellinger eyewear designers have also been able to create original 2 to 5 layer acetates in a stunning depth of fascinating colors.

We invite you to drop by out boutique where you can review the entire Bellinger line, and meet our highly trained staff.