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A smiling cyclists wearing yellow cycle suit and sports glasses
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How to Choose the Right Cycling Sunglasses for You

Cyclists of all kinds pour hours into their sport, improving times, boosting speed, and practicing tactical skills. Whether you’re winding your way through a gnarly single track or tackling a century ride, there’s one item your kit might be missing. That item is cycling sunglasses. Just as cycling is becoming more popular, so are the sunglasses….

Vuarnet protective eyewear for active athletes
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Protective Eyewear for Active Athletes

There are more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries annually in the United States, and about 90 percent of those injuries are preventable. The best way to reduce your chance of eye injury is proper eye protection. For those of us who wear corrective lenses, that means investing in good quality prescription athletic eyewear. Whether you…

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Sports Safety & Eye Safety

What’s more shocking than tens of thousands of sports and recreation-related eye injuries each year? The fact that 90 percent of them are preventable when protective eyewear is used. Wearing your usual eyeglasses, or even a pair of sunglasses is not proper eye protection for sports and recreation.   Know the Risks   Understand the…

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Trendwatch: Eyewear Lens Hues Making News

One of the hottest trends in eyewear has jumped straight off the couture runway and onto the fashion pages of every magazine from Vogue to The New York Times Style Magazine—lenses in every hue, often seated in throwback vintage frames. The result is bold but wearable, with modern and retro appeal. In addition to looking…

TAG Heuer Sport Eyewear for Summer

TAG Heuer had been a beloved brand for sport enthusiasts long before their foray into eyewear design. Long admired by car enthusiasts thanks to their line of luxury timepieces, the TAG Heuer logo is prominently featured at many motorsport events, and many drivers wear their watches as well.

Sport Eyewear for Summer

It’s almost May, which means summer in Houston is truly just around the corner. Don’t find yourself out for a run on the Rice Loop squinting through cheap sport sunglasses in the July heat! Let the staff at Eye Elegance help you find the right sport eyewear to keep you active on the trail, in…