Acetate and premium eyewear are not words you often hear together. Dresses, buttons, upholstery – yes, but acetate glasses and acetate frames? Before you say huh? you should know acetate eyewear is not a new concept. You only have to look at the history of eyeglass frames to see this is true. During wartime shortages in the 1940s eyeglass frame makers had to resort to previously-used plastic for their frames. However this recycled material had become brittle. And so in a case of necessity being the mother of invention, they turned to acetate and found that it was actually an improvement over plastic.

Plant- based acetate, now as then, has a lot going for it as a material for frames. Lightweight and flexible, it’s

environmentally friendly
uses renewable materials
comes in a wide spectrum of colors
lends itself to being made transparent

But then if you’ve been to either of our Houston locations you know that. Maybe you’ve even tried on a few of our acetate frames and marveled at the flattering shapes and spectacular colors. There’s the octagonal Recliner available in tortoiseshell; grey fade; blue, dotted with purple; and red. And just as eye-catching, there’s the delightfully named slightly rounded Argyle Socks in your choice of smoke, blue, green tortoiseshell, and green crystal. But enough reading, it’s time for seeing them in person.

We invite you to come in, make yourself comfortable and, browse to you heart’s content. We promise you’ll find one-of-a-kind premium eyewear and acetate frames suitable for sunglasses or eyeglasses. And you needn’t worry about pushy sales people. You’ll be left to try on as many frames as you like, but if you need help or have questions, our optical specialists are right there on hand. Eye elegance is a new kind of shopping – more boutique/lounge than store, and we’ve worked hard to make it so – twice in fact. So come on in to whichever is more convenient for you – our Post Oak boutique or the one at Montrose.

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