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00/ 44/22/ COLOR 00 – Black in a matte finish DESCRIPTION Boring eyewear is a drag. Thankfully, Board Stiff’s quirky, round shape and eccentric colors turn the concept of being “board” into downright enthusiasm. Still not convinced? It’s one of our best sellers for five years running. “Impressive” is the word you’re looking for. *Our…

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3351.17/ 49/19/ COLOR 17 – Green Crystal Fade Front with Green Crystal Temples DESCRIPTION: Named after a phrase that only sounds right while slapping your knee and in a Southern drawl, this frame is a Bona Fide eyebobs original! Behold its unique, round silhouette with a flat top whilst you check the box on owning…


3221.00/ COLOR 00 – Black Chop and Teal Front and Temples DESCRIPTION: Chutzpah’d hearkens back to one of our most-treasured frames over the past five years, Chutzpah. Its interesting square shape and stand-out patterns provide you with the “Chutzpah” you’ve always wanted to be recognized for. (That means self-confidence, for those about to Google it.)…

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2312.11/ 51/20/ COLOR 11 – Green tortoise front with green temples DESCRIPTION: A frame made with wide heads and square-lovers in mind, it’s Fare N Square. As in, these frames fare just as well with any outfit as they are perfectly four-cornered. They can also be purchased as Readers, Blue Light or Prescription eyewear. Now…

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2337 10/ 57/19/140 COLOR 10 – Grey Blue Stripe Front with Black Temples DESCRIPTION: Some people are born to achieve greatness. We were born to help you find the best frames that complete your look. Full Zip, with its wide-fitting frame and cool, muted colors, makes our mission complete. Your mission is, of course, to…


18/ 48/18/ COLOR 18 – Tokyo tortoise front with black temples in a matte finish DESCRIPTION On Board is one of our all-time, best-selling frames. We get it, the shape and colors are universally flattering, whether you want readers, blue light or prescription eyewear. It’s been known to turn heads and even break some necks….

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59/ 45/23/ COLOR 59 – Teal front with tortoise temples Color DESCRIPTION: This best-seller will make you feel like a novelist who has rubbed elbows with the likes of T.S. Eliot. The perfectly round, thick acetate frame exudes cleverness and intrigue. We offer it in a full spectrum of colors, just to prove our point….

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59 GREEN/BLUSH/ COLOR 59 – Green and Blush Layered Crystal Front with Pink Crystal Temples DESCRIPTION: “What inheritance? It’s all been spent!” You’ll only look like you’ve squandered your riches when you slide on these ultra-luxurious half-rim frames. They’re ideal for everything from reading the newspaper by the fire to perusing bank statements just for…

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Jack Dandy 2605 98

Silver Readers

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Eyebobs Jack Dandy 2605 0

Black Readers

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Number Cruncher 2314 32

Tortoise Shell with Aqua Temples

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Schmoozer 609 19

Tortoise Shell Readers