Wood & Buffalo Horn Frames

Some of our favorite frames are rendered in wood, Buffalo horn, or a combination of both materials. Luxe and comfortable, both wood and Buffalo horn are wonderful choices for your next pair of eyeglass frames.

If you’re thinking of choosing Buffalo horn frames you might get sticker shock the first time you shop—you’re starting price point is around $1000. A high price tag might be a drawback, but consider the many pros to choosing Buffalo horn eyeglass frames:

  • Naturally lightweight, Buffalo horn frames are comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time;
  • Buffalo horn is a hypoallergenic material;
  • Distinctive, one-of-a-kind markings mean every pair of frames is unique;

Concerned about sustainability? Buffalo horn is harvested from Asian water buffalos, and the animals are in no way endangered. Shop with confidence!

Stylish and warm, wood is another beautiful, natural option for eyeglass frames. You can find eyeglass frames made from many different types of wood, including bamboo, birch, walnut, and sandalwood. Like Buffalo horn, wood eyeglass frames are unique and handcrafted for the individual wearer.

If you’re looking for eyeglass frames in wood, we love to recommend the Feb 31ST Total Wood collection. These custom color wood frames come in a wide variety of hues and styles. Frames in the Total Wood collection exude both warmth and whimsy.

We also love the Carbon Wood frames by JF Rey. Layers of carbon fibers and natural wood combine in a sharp, structured pair of eyeglasses frames. Light but flexible, you can pair the wood element with a bright contrast color or deep black carbon.

Some of the most beautiful frames you will find are the White Buffalo horn frames by TD Tom Davies. Even lighter than acetate, Tom Davies Buffalo horn frames are the ultimate one-of-a-kind accessory. Don’t forget to try on frames by Lindberg, too. Lindberg’s buffalo titanium collection and their trae+buffalo titanium collections are using buffalo horn and/or wood to beautiful effect.

  • Buffalo Titanium: Hand-polished Buffalo horn frames are lightweight, and feature adjustable titanium temples.
  • trae+buffalo titanium: This collection takes the Buffalo Titanium collection a step further, pairing exotic components—buffalo horn and fine wood (“trae” in Danish)—for a new take on premium eyewear.

TD Tom Davies White Buffalo Horn Sunglasses

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