Why You Should Invest in Premium Eyewear

Perfect vision is relatively uncommon, with only about 35 percent of adults being able to go without corrective lenses or surgery. Everyone else needs to invest in things like glasses or contacts if they want to see well. However, it’s common for cheap glasses from your local optometrist to get scratched or broken between visits. 

Premium eyewear is essential if you want to both look great and know with confidence that the glasses you own can handle your lifestyle. While luxury brands cost a bit more, they’re often made to last longer than standard ones.

Here are some reasons to invest in eyewear from premium brands. 

Superior Lenses

The first reason to invest in premium glasses brands is that they often come with some of the most durable lenses. This is especially true when it comes to sunglasses. 

More affordable brands that your local gas stations stock usually come with lower-quality lenses. They’re made of cheap materials prone to scratching and cracks. You’ve probably also noticed that the lenses pop out with a minimal amount of pressure. 

Sunglasses from luxury brands are made to last and handle whatever you can throw at them. They’re resistant to scratching, cracking, and even water stains. 

You can also buy prescription eyeglasses with some of the same benefits. All of them help to improve your eyewear’s visual clarity and lifespan. 

Longer-Lasting Features

One of the great things about modern eyewear is that they come with so many features. You can find different kinds of eyewear that tint in the sunlight or reduce the effect of glare on your eyes. There are even bifocals that help people with both near-sighted and far-sighted vision. 

The only problem with buying these specialized lenses is that you risk pairing them with cheap frames. If you don’t know about your options, you’ll likely get stuck with simple frames that will break down in a matter of a year or two. 

Instead of overspending every year on a new set of glasses, invest in quality ones you can carry with you for years. This will also mean that any new frames you purchase will add to your stylish collection rather than replace broken ones. 

Stronger Frames With More Variety

Your eyewear can come with a wide variety of frame materials. However, your local optometrist likely only stocks things like acetate or metal. As for sunglasses, the cheaper variety is made out of some kind of plastic that can break with a single drop. 

When you opt for premium glasses brands, you get more options and better build quality. 

Some brands sell frames made out of natural materials such as wood. These are not only eco-friendly, but they’re often coated to protect them from moisture or scratches. 

If you want lightweight and tough frames, carbon fiber is another option. These are lighter than aluminum but can be tougher than steel. 

UV Protection

It’s important to protect your eyes from UV light. Too much exposure can damage them and even cause UV-related cancers. While sunglasses help, not every pair you buy protects you, as well as other brands.  

You should make sure that any sunglasses you purchase state that they have 100% UV protection. More specifically, they should block both UVA and UVB. 

Unfortunately, many cheap sunglasses tint and darken your vision without eliminating UV exposure. You’ll want something with UV protection embedded in the lens rather than just coating it. 

You can buy prescription sunglasses if you need long-term UV protection that corrects your vision. There’s also the option of light-responsive lenses to reduce eye strain in the sun. 

Enhanced Comfort and Fit

Luxury brands put a lot of effort into making sure your glasses fit comfortably and securely. You don’t want your frames slipping off of your face while you’re at work. At the same time, they shouldn’t pinch the sides of your head and cause migraines. 

Customize your frames according to their width, size, and comfort features. You can buy something more lightweight and thin if you want something barely noticeable. Alternatively, there are adjustable silicone nose pads that work better with narrow noses. 

It also helps to buy frames that work with your face shape. Sharp lines elongate round or oval faces. Round lenses help to soften a square face.

Better Styles

High-end eyewear brands often come with creative artistic talent. These designers know how to make frames that look stylish without compromising on durability. Brands such as Bellinger, Cartier, and Robert Marc create sophisticated eyewear worth the higher price tag. 

Some of the different sunglasses styles you may want to check out include oversized ones, geometric patterned sunglasses, and frames made out of eco-friendly materials. At the very least, you can expect to find a larger diversity in your options compared to what your optometrist stocks. 

Quality Guaranteed

All premium eyewear providers should offer a 12-month warranty for their frames. However, you can also expect your glasses to last much longer than that if they’re made out of high-quality durable materials. 

Scratch-resistant lenses won’t need to be replaced as often unless your eyesight changes. Flexible frames won’t break as easily from daily wear and tear. 

Luxury brands care about optics, so you can be sure that anything you buy from them will be of good quality. 

Premium Eyewear Worth the Price

For many people, the glasses they wear are fundamental for living a normal, independent life. It’s important that you invest in premium eyewear that can handle whatever you throw at them and look great at the same time. Luxury brands are well-known for their quality, and they all offer a wide variety of styles. 

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