Why You Should Get Designer Sunglasses

designer sunglasses

Is there any fashion piece as underappreciated as a reliable set of sunglasses? Not only do they do the crucial work of safeguarding us from the damaging rays of the sun, but when well-utilized they can elevate an ensemble above the sum of its parts.

Hence why savvy individuals will extol the virtues of investing in a pair of quality designer sunglasses. But are the benefits worth the investment? Well, let’s take a look at some of the perks that come with premier sunglasses for men and women.

1. You Can Expect Quality Performance

Above any other concern, you what your sunglasses to do their job of protecting your eyes from the sun. And if you’re opting for more modest, generic sunglasses, you might not be affording yourself all of the protection that you really need.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you always want to choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of all UV light. Alternatively, some makers may include labels that say “UV absorption up to 400nm,” which means that they block 100% of UV light.

It’s also important to make sure that your glasses block both UVA and UVB radiation. All UV radiation exposure has the potential to cause cataracts and eye growths, including cancers. UVB radiation, however, is considered to be the more damaging of the two, so you especially want to ensure full protection from it.

Cheaper sunglasses will often try to suggest that they offer more protection than they do. They might tint their lenses extra dark, for example, which does not impact its UV absorption as much as might expect. Or they might advertise that their glasses block 100% of UV rays, and then in small print clarify that their claim only refers to UVA rays and not their more damaging counterparts.

Designer brands don’t need to fool customers into buying them. They thrive on their strong reputations and know the importance of providing the protection that consumers need.

2. Designer Sunglasses Are Cost-Effective

Alongside being more effective than the cheaper brands, you can also count on designer glasses being a better financial choice in the long run.

The alternatives are cheap for a reason. They’re made of less expensive and less durable materials and are quickly mass-produced with little time or attention for quality control. So while buying a pair of them may be cheaper upfront, you can expect to replace them every few months or even weeks.

Designer brands, by contrast, reflect their pedigree in their quality. If taken care of, a pair of designer glasses can last you years, saving you all of the money you would have spent replacing your drug store sunglasses.

This is especially true for brands meant for athletic use like Adidas. They’re designed from the ground up to endure more active use, so you can count on them to better serve you.

3. Quality Never Goes Out of Style

Trends come and go, but quality craftmanship is forever.

With few exceptions, designer glasses don’t typically fall out of fashion. The classic designs of yesteryear are even more iconic now than they were when then. And even more ostentatious designs like sporty wraparound sunglasses occasionally come back into “retro” vogue.

4. The Right Pair Can Make an Outfit

The right pair of sunglasses can take a mundane outfit and turn it into something truly special.

For instance, most men opt for minimal jewelry and adornments. Without them, however, their accessorization choices are limited and a lot of men’s outfits look incomplete. Sunglasses for men can be a great substitute, giving a look a focus that would otherwise be lacking.

5. You Can Channel Celebrity Glamor

We all have our favorite celebrities, and for as long as sunglasses have been around, they’ve been essentials in many a glamorous look. From Audrey Hepburn’s iconic cat-eye glasses to Hunter S. Thompson’s garish yellow aviators, the list is well known.

Even when Jeff Bridges played a loveable slacker in The Big Lebowski, he couldn’t help but integrate his personal Vuarnets Legend 03 sunglasses into The Dude’s otherwise humble wardrobe. They’re so iconic that Vaurnets even capitalized on their fame by reissuing the famous shades a few years ago.

Prior to The Big Lebowski, those particular frames were somewhat obscure. But thanks to Bridges himself being a fan, they’ve now become synonymous with an iconic oddball character.

And that’s just one example of the phenomenon. Because of how a distinctive set of sunglasses for women and men alike can complement their faces, they become a sort of visual shorthand. Adopting a famous pair for yourself is like adding instant charisma to your outfit.

6. You Can Have Them With Your Prescription

If you wear correctional lenses in your day-to-day life, then a major perk that you can’t pass up is the ability to get designer glasses in your prescription.

Nearly all high-end brands can be made with any prescription as needed, making them a world more convenient than their more humble counterparts. Some brands even offer you the ability to design your own custom sets, in addition to having your prescription you can tailor your new glasses however you see fit. It’s a customer experience that you can’t get from the drug store eyeglass rack.

Quality Sunglasses Are An Essential for Every Season

It’s good to be skeptical of making major fashion investments if you can’t be sure that you’ll get consistent use out of your purchase. But unlike seasonal garb, you can expect a pair of designer sunglasses to serve you well all year round. Whether it’s a beach day or a snow day, you have to make sure that your eyes are protected.

Investing in designer glasses, then, is one of the soundest fashion choices that you can make. So to help pick out your new pair, check out these simple tips on choosing the right designer eyeglass style for you.

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