Why We Love The Lindberg Collection

Lindberg Frames

There are endless reasons why Lindberg is one of our favorite collections. They’re lightweight, beautiful and of course brilliantly designed. Those basic things aside, here are 5 more reasons to love Lindberg:

1. It’s a small-family owned and operated business. They decided a long time ago to handle everything from design to the manufacturing. Henrik Lindberg, who built the company from scratch with his father and his optometrist sister, now co-owns the business. His sister oversees the shop and he over sees the manufacturing.

2. Their first Air Titanium design is now 27 years old! This collection is still  very popular! The possibilities are almost endless since the building system allows you to create whatever you want. It’s suitable for a 2 year old or an 80 year old.

3. The air titanium design needs a certain lens thickness for stability and luckily today we’re able to get lenses a lot thinner. To accommodate the advancements in lens technology, the Spirit collection was created. The Spirit series weighs only 2.3 grams and the design is perfect for the super lenses that are on the market today.

4. Lindberg frames are made from non-allergic materials, which are mostly titanium and acetate. They’re truly         built with comfort in mind.

5. In a recent interview Henrik Lindberg touches on the importance of eyewear in the world. His take is along the lines of how many opticians feel and what we convey to our clients. “The eyewear world in general may look small but it’s actually a very important world because what we do sits in the middle of people’s faces and it’s the first thing you notice. It’s very much related to communication because first of all we communicate with our eyes and then maybe with our mouths, hands, whatever. And for us, being in the center of the whole thing is very important.”

Lindberg Frames






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